02 June 2006

Success Blog ~ Winsome Gunning Art Walk

Winsome Gunning Art Walk paintingWinsome Gunning Art Walk is the Success Blog of the Week and is a blog about self-discovery and the artistic journey.

Winsome paints special moments: walks on a beach, planting flowers, a frangipani night, moon over the sea, birds flying in the sky, an orange tree, a moment of solitude and peace.

The painting pictured is Beach and Garden Detail. This painting spoke to my love of the sea and soothed my spirit with its simplicity. There is nothing I would add or take away.

Winsome writes: Simplicity is something I find a struggle. I know the times when my creativity has been clouded and difficult to access have been when I have moved away from simplicity in my life.

Please visit Winsome Gunning Art Walk to share her experiences as an artist and view her paintings. Tell her that CyberCelt sent you.

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Anonymous said...

So pleased to be here, thank you, The Artist

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