31 May 2006

Free Music Download Supported by Advertising Spots

Ad-supported downloadable music is an idea whose time has come. SixtySeven Kilohertz, Inc. has patented technology for inserting advertising spots between music tracks, even those that already reside on your MP3 player or cell phone. This system would offer totally free, ad-supported music.

Mobile Insider has this to say:
SixtySeven's idea leverages mobile to introduce a new revenue stream, advertising, into music distribution. This is not radio, because users really would be picking and choosing their tracks just as if they were buying them.
Browse SixtySeven Kilohertz and you will find information on how this technoloogy addresses the widespread problem of poor adolescent disease self-management. The technology, Adolescents’ Disease Empowerment and Persistence Technology (ADEPT) will end a few worries for parents:

Tens of millions of young people worldwide suffer from incurable, but manageable, chronic diseases such as: asthma, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis... The ADEPT system was designed as a means to effectively reach adolescents with important information that fosters chronic disease self-management.

Information on demand about symptoms or side effects or to remind you to take your pill, test your blood glucose, record blood pressure, or make a journal entry. Now that is some truly useful technology.

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