25 July 2006

Amazon to Start Digital Movie and TV Downloads

Amazon.com is preparing to launch an ad-free TV show and movie video download service in August. Amazon's reputation for ease of use could help it capture the video-download market, much as iTunes did with its simplicity of downloads in the music market.

Amazon.com is wisely taking on digital-video download services such such as MovieLink and CinemaNow, leaving Apple and Microsoft to battle over domination of the music download business. Viewers are willing to pay for advertising free digital TV and movie downloads, so this may change the face of advertising supported free digital TV and movite downloads.

According to AdAge:
Amazon's service will require users to install software on their computers to allow them to buy videos a la carte, likely as part of a download-to-own model, or subscribe to them, like a digital version of Netflix's rental model.
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