21 July 2006

Success Blog : The Garbage Man

This week we have a very special success blog, The Garbage Man, written by Deuce. Deuce also has the blog, Free Samples and Products Online, our success blog last week.

Deuce is a sanitation engineer, also known as The Garbage Man, and he has many great stories to tell, like this one about girls and found money:
From my experience so far, people in the most part are friendly, and often give us things like drinks, snacks, and ocassionally money. Its incredible the things people throw away, including money... at least $20 to $30 just thrown away because someone did not want to take the time to roll it.
I am very glad there is a payoff to this job that is hot and extremely physically taxing. Deuce does not seem to mind. He has a wonderful attitude about his job. He is also whimsical and funny:
... I have to wear gloves all day, so im left with a farmers tan, and white hands (very sexy). I might have to take up going to the tanning beds to try and even it out a bit.
Maybe he can split the cost of a tanning bed with a lifeguard or someone who has tan lines in other places-LOL!

Please visit his blog and read what you can do to make his day a little easier, a little more rewarding, and a lot more fun! Tell him CyberCelt sent you.

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