10 July 2006

Your Chance to Learn About Podcasting

If you do not know about podcasts, this virtual conference is for you. If you are involved with podcasting, this virtual conference is for you. If you offer services or sponsorship to podcasts, this virtual conference is for you.

International Podcasting Expo for Women

Meet, interact and network with women from around the world interested in Podcasting July 14 to July 16, 2006.

Visit the International Podcasting Expo 2006 website.

Podcasting Seminars and Events
  • Women's Seminars and Topics
  • Speed Networking Events
  • Women's Shopping Boutique
  • Business Opportunities for Women
Download a brochure on the Women's International Podcasting Expo

Attend three free seminars and browse the Exhibitor Halls and talk with the exhibitors or purchase a seminar admission ticket ($25 through PayPal or use credit card) to attend any or all seminars and become eligible to win MP3 players, CDs, commercials, RSS services, training and more ..

You might as well sign up now. There are free portions and paid seminars. $25 will get you all the way in. Its a tax-deduction as well.

You might be a pod head...

if you talk to your webcam daily

practice diction into your microphone

feel an obsession to post everything in film clips or audio clips

So, are you ....?

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