18 August 2006

Creativity Blocked? Buy a Magic Potion!

This is not a joke.

ihaveanidea announced that it commissioned a white (good) witch to develop a potion to help the creative abilities of advertising professionals around the world.

According to Ignacio Oreamuno, President of ihaveanidea:
Ads around the world haven’t been that inspiring lately. I think that everyone in the industry needs a little spark—a little touch of magic. As a result, we decided to ask Heidi Reiss, a real certified witch to create a magic potion that would enhance the creative abilities of copywriters and art directors around the world.
Visit On Angels Wing for information on all of Heidi's potions. In addition to Creativity, you may be interested in Spiritual Healing, Love or Prosperity potions. If your need a little help with your libido, you can try the Erotic potion. The Creativity potion will be sold for $10 CDN and is available immediately in 2.5 ml bottles, with either an oak stand or an Organza pouch.

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