10 July 2012

Zip and Dash Through :LA

This post brought to you by Kia Rio. All opinions are 100% mine.



View the fun film above.  The film catalogs a scavenger hunt two couples recently played in Los Angeles. They were giveN a Kia Rio to use. Click to visit the Rio Explorer Page. This car is a technological wonder and under $15K.

The couples had to find five items or solve clues to move on to the next item. The five fun places the couples visited were: 

  • The Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round - one of the oldest in the US.
  • Amoeba Records - Vinyl, CDs, you name it. If it is music, it is here. I think finding Christina Milan's new CD in this huge warehouse would be frustrating, especialy since it was hidden.
  • Rodeo Drive -- the place to shop if you are a woman of means.
  • Pink’s Hot Dogs - Eat here often enough and be famous enough, and they will name a hot dog after YOU.
  • The final destination/prize was a visit to the penthouse apartment of Christina Milan in the Roosevelt Hotel, a world famous hotel for celebrity parties.

The Kio Rio looked like a cool car to have in a scavenger hunt. It had the UVO Technology voiice activated system that includes wireless technology (Bluetooth), so you can use your voice to dial a phone number or set your music.  There is a one-button screen that allows you to use and change your Bluetooth devices. There is also a USB port, which helps when you want to transfer information or music. My favorite accessory would be the rear cameras. As soon as the Kia Rio is shifted into reverse, the rear cameras come on.

I would take on a challenge if George Clooney was the celebrity and if my friend and I could use the Kia Rio to Zip and Dash through Austin, Texas.

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