21 August 2006

Terrorism has no religion

A group of non-political international scholars funded the filming of a million dollar public service anouncement (PSA) condemning the misuse of Islam by terrorists.

According to Newsweek:
A new, American-made PSA aimed at discouraging these deadly attacks is currently in production. The ad is slated to air as a 60-second spot on Iraqi television this summer.
If you wish to know more, please visit the NoTerror.info site and view Suicidal Terror, the PSA filmed in slow motion by multiple cameras of the last few moments of a suicide bomber. Warning: it is extremely graphic and is not suitable for children to view. Of course, it is not suitable that children be blown to bits by terrorists, but they are.

Terrorism has no religion:
All religions, human codes and ethics, and even our most primitive intuition regard terrorism to be villainous. True Islam also rejects and condemns terrorism.
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