22 August 2006

Free Automatic eBay Bidder and Reminder Tool

Do you use eBay to find those special treasures and hard-to-find items? Do you watch these items in your my eBay? How many times do you bid, thinking your maximum bid will win the auction? What happens is that somehow, someone manages to trump your bid at the very last minute and win the auction! Sniping, a title for last minute bidding is the bane of many eBay buyers.

Experienced eBay users have learned to use special sniping tools as an automatic eBay bidder to win auctions. One of these sniping tools is Buyertools Reminder, and has been used successfully in Germany for some time. Buyertools Reminder is a free, effective and secure solution to handling any number of eBay domestic accounts and most international eBay accounts as well. Buyertools Reminder is an automatic eBay bidder Data protection is a top priority for the makers of Buyertools Reminder. Your eBay login data, encoded with a secure SSL login option, is safe! Buyertools Reminder software has also been independently certified to be free of adware and spyware, will keep your personal information and statistical data safe.

Buyer Reminder

The software is extremely easy to use and supports importing items from my eBay or web browser, automatic bidding, sniping a bid right before the auction ends. In fact, with the alert function, you may receive auction reminders as a free text message on your cell phone.

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