16 November 2006

Brown Betty Used to be Dessert

I think I have lost my appetite . . .
CINCINNATI (AdAge.com)...Betty Beauty, a New York startup that is getting big PR play by marketing hair color for the nether regions. Billed as "color for the hair down there," the company began really building buzz this summer...
Betty? And another name for women's pubic area is born. The picture featured on my last post is pubic hair dye products. All natural hair colors, Brown Betty, Blond Betty, Auburn Betty and Black Betty, and a PINK one for special occasions.

pink pubic hair dyeApparently there has been a lot of interest in the product from women ages 60 to 85 as well as men.

is your Betty ready t-shirt
Bettybeauty.com also sells T-shirts that state: My Betty is ready and I am a true blond.

Phillips Norelco launched its website Shaveeverywhere.com for their BodyGroom product, encouraging men to shave their back, shoulders, armpits and those short and curlies elsewhere. They promise that shaving down there will add an optical inch to male anatomy. The video on the website is pretty funny really, unless you take it seriously.

Unilever is running magazine ads for Sunsilk De-Frizz products in which a curly-haired woman complains, My hair's so frizzy I should give it a Brazilian. Their tag line is Sunsilk provides real solutions to women's everyday hair needs everywhere.

What is next? Hair Club for Betties? Pubic hair transplants, pubic hair weaving and topical minoxidil applications? Tattoos? Just when we thought it was safe to go au naturel, it is back into the dark ages for women.

Maybe we should just let it all hang out and decorate our Betty for all to see. I think I will add highlights, braid and weave beads and feathers through it. Start a trend. . . Let me see. . . ? Braveheart Betty? Betty from Jamaica? Betty gone wild?

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Anonymous said...

wow, that is hilarious! I cant imaging doing that to my 'betty'!

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