26 January 2007

Wall Street Journal Leads Readers by the Nose

As discussed in the December 7th blog post: 2007 May Be the Year of the Scent, we are seeing more scented advertising products. The Wall Street Journal is now offering scented advertisements units and USA Today has announced it will offer scent ads.

Unlike the old-school glossy fragrance inserts that you had to actually open to smell the scent strips, these advertisements are scratch and sniff type advertisements embedded in the newspaper page. Rubbing the advertisement on the page will activate the scent. The technology is in place and new scents will be developed as they are needed. Currently, perfumes and chocolate are available.

According to Smell that? Someone's trying to sell you something (USA Today, 12/29/2006),
the December catalog of Yankee Candle featured 12+ candle fragrance samples like cinnamon and Christmas cookie. Kraft Foods advertised cherry Jell-O and white fudge Chips Ahoy! with scent ads during November in People magaine. Diet Pepsi Jazz promotions have included print ads, coupons and store signs featuring the scent of fruit and French vanilla fragrances. Electronic stores in the Northeast used chocolate scent strips to hype the new LG Electronics mobile phone and music player, Chocolate.
Companies spent $50 million to $80 million on scent-related marketing in 2006, says Harald Vogt, founder of The Scent Marketing Institute consultancy and researcher. That includes spending to fill stores and hotels with customer-pleasing aromas. Vogt predicts spending will pass $500 million by 2016.
What scent would you want to use with your advertisements? I love vanilla, baby powder, lavender and Channel No. 5, but do not think these would be applicable to my advertising.

If you thought, "Chicken Fried Steak" scent, you will love the Southern Fried Carnival
Southern Fried Carnival
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devilishsouthernbelle.net said...

Well, I don't advertise or offer any goods or services, but do like my home to smell nice and fresh. And to that end, I love the scents of mint, rosemary, and lemongrass.

Just here via the carnival.

Ann crum said...

I rosemary and lavender growing right next to the driveway. It smells heavenly out there in the heat of the summer. Spring, of course, brings the jasmine blooms and their sweet scent. And all through the hillside in the spring there are wild purple Sweet Williams casting off their wonderful aroma. And the ever-pervasive honeysuckle, of course. Spring and summer in the south are all about fragrance and beautiful color.

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