25 January 2007

What's Beautiful to You?

Share what is beautiful to you with Peter Belisi, creative director of BeingBelisi blog and Belisi.com. Belisi is a shortened form of bellissimo, the Italian word for beautiful. Belisi is a purveyor of fine Italian silk ties, scarves and handbags.

Belisi launched a public relations campaign just to ask the question:

What's Beautiful to You?

Visit BeingBelisi blog and leave your comment, submit a poem or share your vision that illustrates your idea of what's beautiful. Mr. Peter Belisi will be awarding $100 Belisi.com gift cards to the inviduals who touch his heart.

The match of the design of the man's silk tie to the woman's silk scarf, as pictured above, is a classic look that will wear well on any occasion. Visit the BeingBelisi blog and share What's Beautiful with Belisi, the sponsor of this post.

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