15 April 2007

We Follow Do Follow Tags Here

Below is a list of bloggers who have taken the "no follow" off the comment sections on their blogs or have installed a "do follow" plugin. This means that when your comment is accepted, you will receive the link back to your site.

Comments on many sites, including Advertising for Success, are moderated, which means they must be approved by blog owner first. This is done to avoid spam comments.

Thank you and Thank Tricia: If you would like to join the Do Follow Blogroll, please post the blogroll on your blog and visit here and leave a comment for Tricia at Tricia's Musings.


Anonymous said...


i have activate a DOFollow Plugin on my site.

Can I request to be added on your blogroll list?

My site is http://www.kpebiz.com and my preferred anchor text is "Wordpress SEO Blogger"

Thank you.

CyberCelt said...

@kpebiz-I do not maintain the list. If you read the post, you will find the information you require.

business startup loans said...

Thanks for making such an efforts to making this list, really usefull..

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