01 June 2007

Is Your Data Recoverable?

When my computer went kaput a few months ago, I was absolutely lost. I knew that I should have backed up my data, but I had not done so. I spent hundreds of dollars trying to get my computer fixed and then, as last resort, had the data recovered. That computer is now a doorstop.

Hardware failure, data corruption and viruses happen, and will, usually at the most inopportune time. Data Deposit Box offers automatic backup services for $2 per month per gigabyte. Unless you have lots of photographs or databases, one gigabyte will be enough to cover your needs.

Backing up is easier than you think. All you do is sign up for the service, install the software, add your folders to the backup client file and you are done. Easy Online Backup means that, whenever you are online, the software compares the data on your computer to the backup file on the server, and then extracts, encrypts and backs up only the data that has changed.

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