02 June 2007

Who Is Downloading Podcasts?

comScore recently completed a study profiling the iTunes podcasting audience. The study was sponsored by Ad Infuse. They found males dominate (63 percent) this audience, when compared to females (37 percent).
In addition, 18-24 year olds represented a substantial share of the audience (29 percent) and were more than twice as likely as the average Internet user to download podcasts. People between the ages of 35-54 represented about half of the podcasting audience and were also more likely than average to download podcasts.
There is a positive correlation between household income and education levels of the iTunes podcasting audience. Households with gross incomes of $100,000 annually were 28 percent more likely, and college graduates were 25 percent more likely, to download podcasts than average users.

For more information on this study, please visit comScore.

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