26 June 2007

Learn About Virtual Worlds in San Jose?

Okay, somebody explain this to me. Why would you have a Virtual World Conference in the real world? I thought the idea behind virtual worlds was that you do not have to be in the real if you are in the virtual world. Is it because you cannot charge as much for a virtual conference? That is more likely to make more people attend, eh?

The entire conference could have been done over the web with VO-IP conferencing. Co-op World has had many virtual conferences. Podcasting, Business Expos, Dog Expo ... Just my 2 cents.

Virtual Worlds 2007 - Virtual Worlds Conference - produced by Virtual Worlds Management - read the entire article
Excerpt: Virtual Worlds Fall Conference and Expo takes place October 10-11, 2007 at the San Jose Convention Center. The event follows the highly successful Virtual Worlds Spring Conference which took place in New York in March.

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