11 July 2007

Alive Directory

Submitting to a directory may be a good marketing strategy, but you must make sure to submit your sites to quality directories. I have spent hours submitting to directories and putting up reciprocal links, only to go back and find the directory has not approved all my sites or has gone out of business.

Alive Directory is a human-edited directory for websites and blogs. You may visit the website at http://www.alivedirectory.com. Things you should look for are ease of use, as well as page rank and longevity of directory. If the directory does not have a search engine, it is worthless. Page rank is self-explanatory; if you want quality links, a directory with high page rank is a safe bet. Longevity does not guarantee that the directory will continue, but it gives you a good idea of the stability of the directory. Alive Directory has a page ranking of 6 out of 10. The directory has been around since 2005. Another plus for Alive Directory, sponsor of this post, is the fact that you can contact support via the website.

There are no free listings, either with or without reciprocal links. There are two sets of pricing, yearly and permanent. Here is the breakdown of costs:
  1. Yearly Featured $74.95/Year or Yearly Featured with five additional links $99.95/Year
  2. Yearly Regular $49.95/Year or Yearly Regular with three additional links $69.95/Year
  3. Yearly Regular with Reciprocal $34.95/Year
  4. Permanent Regular $149.95 or Permanent Regular with three additional links $209.95
  5. Permanent Featured $224.95 or Permanent Featured with five additional links $299.95
Alive Directory screens content before adding sites, so the directory is family-friendly. No chance of your site showing up on the page with questionable products. If you wish to submit you sites, may I suggest purchasing the yearly option with reciprocal link on a trial basis? You will see from your stats if you are receiving traffic from the directory, and make your decision on more submissions from facts.

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