11 July 2007

Talking Heads on Make Believe Bodies

TacoBell is looking for talking heads for their advertisement. Three digital celebrities will appear on a late night commercial during the MTV Video Music Awards.

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From the article:
Audition for the spot by uploading your digital photo onto tacobell.com between July 9 and 22. Gizmoz will then bake your head onto a personalized body. After that, you've got 15 seconds to lip-sync your audition into a mic.

Entries will be judged on personality, appeal and self-expression.


More on avatars from Advertising Age:

All dolled up: Avril Lavigne and Hilary Duff both partnered with Stardoll.com,
which lets users dress up likenesses of celebrities. The play helped Ms. Lavigne's album soar.

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From the article:
There's even enough interest to generate the first avatar-only concert, as Zwinky hosted its own "Stage-Z" at last weekend's Live Earth featuring Columbia Records artists Kelly Rowland and Teddy Geiger performing in prerecorded avatar form as well as appearing live at the New York event.
Talking heads will be appearing everywhere. Rapper 50 Cents became an avatar for Zwinky. He is hoping to top his success of 1.14 million copies sold of his last album, The Massacre (2005). His new album Curtis will be released in September of 2007. He is using the virtual world to make it in the material. Pretty savvy thinking.


I can see what is next: Madonna singing I am a Virtual Girl in a Virtual World. The Police singing We are Spirits in the Virtual. The Rolling Stones singing Street Fighting Avatar. Little heads on make believe bodies dancing, strumming guitars and strutting their stuff. Virtual teenyboppers and groupies. Lord, take me now... LOL

Do you have an avatar that you use? What makes a good avatar? Will you be entering the TacoBell contest? Tell me all, y'all.

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