24 July 2007

Harry Potter Shut Down the Blogosphere!

On Sundays and Mondays, I usually devote my time to visiting other blogs and commenting, just saying "hey." Last weekend I noticed something. Many blogs of usually proliferate bloggers were without posts, some for days. I left puzzled comments, asking if everything was okay . . .

LOL! It was Harry Potter. The new book was released last week and fans dropped everything to read it. Due to people who have to spoil things by telling endings and alluding to key events in movies and books, many bloggers stayed off the Internet for as long as it took to read the book.

This is amazing! Even the iPhone release did not accomplish this. These are hard-core bloggers who shut down their computers and walked away with a book in their hand.


Unknown said...

It's true. I put up a couple of posts yesterday (my first day off) and then read until about 1AM this morning.

CyberCelt said...

@richard-I'll never tell on you. I did think I saw something on your blog about it.

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