24 July 2007

Disney Creates Virtual World for Gamers

After May 2008, Disney gamers will be able to use the wireless connection in their Nintendo DS to connect in the virtual with other Nintendo DS users and online via the DGamer Channel on Disney.com.

DGamer will allow direct connections between Nintendo DS users and will allow them to customize their community on their Nintendo DS system and online. DGamers will be able to create avatars, trade or gift avatar costumes, speed chat, make friends, view the high game scores of their friends and vote in polls.

The DGamer platform will be included in Nintendo DS games, starting with The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian; and following with Spectrobes II and Hannah Montana 3. DGamers may unlock exclusive content in their game or DGamer online profile by completing challenges in-game or in the virtual.

From the press release:
Disney Interactive Studios showcased upcoming youth-branded games both for handheld and console platforms. New video games for girls, boys and families will include titles on multiple platforms based on the Disney Channel franchises High School Musical, Hannah Montana and Power Rangers. Titles such as Disney Friends, Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey and Enchanted round out the lineup.
Read complete information here.

Note to Parents: With parental permission, players can exchange codes with trusted friends, which enables true chat. The parental tie-in is a great idea to protect young DGamers from stalking and sexual predation. So you can be cool and your kids can be safe. Great idea, Disney!

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