30 July 2007

IBM says, "Be a good 3D Netizen"

If you are going to represent your business or your brand, you need to present yourself as a professional. While no one wants to place real world rules on activities taking place in the virtual world, it may be a good idea. With recent problems with predators and stalkers in the multiverse, it may become a necessity.

IBM writes guidelines for virtual worlds - USATODAY.com- read complete article

IBM's rules — which apply to Second Life, Entropia Universe, Forterra, There.com and other worlds — are logical extensions of the real world: Don't discuss intellectual property with unauthorized people. Don't discriminate or harass. . . .
. . . Intel is also drafting a tip sheet and plans to offer a voluntary course later this year for employees who use blogs, social media sites and virtual worlds.

Just as bloggers had to deal with issues of transparency, honesty and disclosure, so will the 3D Netizen. It is going to be a painful process to watch. Maybe IBM will let their employees adopt an after hours avatar.

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