30 July 2007

Its Not Heavy, Its Alienware

My son's Alienware Laptop is so big, that it will not fit in the computer bag that I used for my Dell laptop. I do not think I have ever seen a laptop as big as this Alienware computer. It is not heavy, just big.

The laptop will be his college computer. Yeah, right. It was part of his incentive to get into college. Yes, I bribed him. What can I say, it worked. He is now officially a Texas State University student: enrolled, registered and paid up. Thank God for the Texas Tomorrow Fund!

Now, I just have to find a computer case large enough for a small automobile. I think I may have to spring for one of these computer backpacks that is actually a piece of luggage. If you are looking for luggage or a huge laptop case, check out LuggageSource.com, sponsor of this post.

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