29 July 2007

Try EPAY, a virtual payment processor

EPAY is an alternative payment system that allows you to send money and to receive money worldwide. You may make instant payments to any EPAY member by e-gold, pecunix, 1mdc or bank transfer without opening an EPAY account.

You may easily fund your EPAY account, withdraw funds from your EPAY account by using e-gold, pecunix, 1mdc or bank transfer. EPAY also offers customers the ability to withdraw funds through debit cards

Using EPAY as your payment processor will ease the communication process normally involved in sending and receiving money. Generate SMS invoices, pay SMS invoices from and to any mobile phone in over 180 countries. Send e-mail invoices and pay e-mail invoices to anyone with an email.

EPAY is not an investment program, HYIP or a bank. EPAY is a payment processor and the EPAY capital and virtual units of all EPAY members are backed by Dollars and Euros deposited with top European banks. EPAY is located in the British Virgin Islands.

With EPAY, you are funding, sending and receiving virtual Dollars or Euros. The rates of EPAY Dollar and EPAY Euro are tied to real world values, so automatic conversion between units is painless.

If you wish to refer other EPAY members, you will earn 10 percent of their transaction fees. In addition, you may use the EPAY credit card to verify your PayPal account. It costs absolutely nothing to open and EPAY account and takes only minutes.

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