07 August 2007

Halloween in August?!

Rob Zombie, a well-known musician and director (House of a Thousand Corpses and the sequel, The Devil's Rejects) has turned his talents to reinventing the 1978 cult classic movie by John Carpenter, HALLOWEEN.

The movie certainly has the right actors to make a great horror film: Malcolm McDowell, a man who is extremely scary in his own right, in the starring role of Samuel J. Loomis; William Forsythe, the consummate bad guy of all time, brings his badness to the role of Ronnie White; Scout Taylor Compton, rising young Hollywood star, plays Laurie Compton; Udo Kier, ultimate horror master, will bring his considerable talent to the role of Morgan Walker; and Sherri Moon Zombie, the wife of Rob Zombie, brings depth to the role of Michael's mother, Deborah Myers.

Rather than a remake, Rob Zombie promises a totally new Halloween the movie. Fans will recognize Michael Myers, portrayed by Tyler Mane, the giant knife-wielding, mask-wearing maniac. Zombie shows us the young Michael Myers, played by Daeg Faerch. Is Michael the proverbial bad seed or did something happen in his childhood to turn him into a homicidal maniac? Why did Michael kill his sister? What causes Michael to escape on All Hallows Eve and return home?

Perhaps you will find the answers when Halloween the movie comes out on August 31!

Watch the trailer here:


Anonymous said...

This looks terrifying... I wonder why they're not saving this for Oct 31?

CyberCelt said...

@aaron-Maybe there is too much competition at that time of year?

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