07 September 2007

1-800-4clocks.com : The Name Says It All!

I love this online store. On the home page, the first thing you see is Yes, the name of our store is 1-800-4clocks.com. It is a catchy name that incorporates the business telephone number, a very nice piece of branding. They carry a vast array of clocks from all the leading manufacturers, including Howard Miller Clock Company.

Howard Miller Clock Company, founded in 1926, began as a division of the office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller. Originally Howard Miller clocks made mantel clocks only. In 1947, George Nelson Associates, an architectural and design firm, created the first clocks for Howard Miller, including the famous Bubble Lamps. Grandfather clocks did not become a part of the product line until the 1960s. The company began making curio cabinets in 1989.

Howard Miller Shore Station Wall Clock

I love the Howard Miller wall clocks, in particular, the shore station wall clock. This item combines a clock, a barometer and a thermometer set in Rosewood. The white dials with black numbers and polished brass tone bezels present a crisp clean style. I would love to have this Shore Station Wall Clock by the front door, so that I may see the weather, the temperature and the time with one glance.

1-800-4Clocks has a blog, too. I was reading about the different type of clocks and found a post about atomic clocks. We received an atomic clock for Christmas last year, but really did not know how it worked. I found the following information in the blog post:
Atomic Time is defined in terms of one revolution of an electron in the ground state orbit of the hydrogen atom. The atomic cesium fountain atomic clock was developed and is operated at the NIST laboratories in Boulder, Colorado.
The current version of NIST-F1 would neither gain nor lose a second in about 70 million years. The latest version of the mercury clock would neither gain nor lose a second in about 400 million years! How about that for a guarantee?

See all the wonderful clocks available from 1-800-4clocks.com today. They have a clock that would be perfect for you.


Aloha_50 said...

Seeing that you moderate I would like to ask a question, why were comments turned off on the blog rodeo post? Is the point of the carnival not to facilitate communication between the bloggers?

CyberCelt said...

@aloha_50-There was a difference of opinions about one of the posts and I did not think the discourse was one for comments. Carnivals are to facilitate visitors to the participating blogs. Usually the host blog gets a lot of "thank you for hosting this blog" posts. I forego those in the name of peace.

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