04 September 2007

Marketers Targeting Boomers Again

Marketers have targeted baby boomers all their lives, but interest in this group lessened as the boomers aged. This was a mistake, because 75 percent of the wealth in the USA is in the hands of people over 50 years old.

There are many portals launching that target the 50+ crowd. Two that I have noticed lately are:

Boomertowne - The only thing we endorse is the freedom to get the information you need to think for yourself.

Eons - The first and largest online gathering place for people lovin’ life on the flip side of 50!

Advertising Age - Media Players Go After Free-Spending Boomers- link to complete article

From the article:
According to Information Resources Inc., boomers spend $46 billion annually on package goods. And recently Unilever research found they account for 60% of spending on package goods even though they represent only 45% of households.

What is the boomer generation? Below are two posts that highlight how difficult this is to answer. Do not let ageism get in the way of your marketing. There are millions to be made from the boomers before we die... LOL

My, My, My Generation. What's Yours?

Generation Jones : Boomers Gone Wild


Anonymous said...

Is this true that marketers have targeted boomers for all groups lessened as the boomers aged?

CyberCelt said...

@medarbetarundersökningar-Yes, they did. They went after the 18-34 male demographic. Then they realized that the boomers had more money.

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