01 September 2007

Beta Bloglines is Better

Bloglines is one of the oldest and best online feedreader. Now, Bloglines has a beta release.

Subscribe with Bloglines - please take one moment to subscribe to Advertising for Success feed via Bloglines. If you leave a comment with your blog URL, I will return the favor.

The Beta Bloglines is different from the original in that you now have:

* customizable start page;
* three different reading views (quick view, full view, three-pane view); and,
* drag-and-drop feed management.

Enhancements to be added to Beta Bloglines:

* Mobile Bloglines,
* Save, send and share a post,
* Edit feeds and settings,
* Use of disposable Email addresses,
* Upgraded developer APIs, and
* Ability to create a Link-Blog.

For more information, please see this post from Andy Beard: Bloglines - Why You Should Test Out The New Beta.

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