22 September 2007

DirectMATCHES.com : Business Network

Have you ever thought of owning a home-based business or a small bricks and mortar business? The first problem you usually face is deciding what business to begin. Or, perhaps, you have a small business and would like to expand into new markets. How do you find business partners or affiliates to help build your business? DirectMATCHES.com is an entire network of resources and information on many business opportunities.

DirectMATCHES is an eight-year-old professional business networking organization that provides an environment to help you to network with other entrepreneurs, home-based business people and small business owners. Sign up now for a free membership that will allow you to post your business profile and run free advertising on the network.

DirectMatches.com business networking websiteRight-Click the Graphic to Open A Larger View in Another Tab

  • The first navigation tab on the site is Search, a good place to start. Searching in the United States returns 100 people like you who are in business for themselves or want to be.

  • Next tab is MyTube, where you may view video presentations about various opportunities.

  • Events may be any gathering from business mixers to focus groups to training calls.

  • Networks is where you may join a network or start your own.

  • Classifieds is for advertising,

  • Blog and Forum pages are for communicating and connecting, and

  • MyMail is a web-based email service.

Explore DirectMATCHES.com today and see if it meets your needs for business networking. What do you have to lose? Try it free today.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Thanks for posting this article. I didnt know about DirectMatch. Very cool. I will check it out. Thanks.

- Chris J.

CyberCelt said...

@Chris-I would think it would be perfect for any type of service business.

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