04 September 2007

Lisa Nowak to Stand Trial

Lisa Nowak, the ex-astronaut is scheduled to stand trial on September 24 on three separate charges related to her attack on Colleen Shipman back in February.

Police say she traveled across the country in adult diapers, with weapons and a disguise, to confront her rival, Shipman, in the airport at Orlando.

Lisa was just released from having to wear GPS monitoring gear, but she will be unable to travel to certain states and Washington DC. The defense has made motions to have evidence against Nowak thrown out of court, claiming police investigators violated her constitutional rights. There is also talk of an insanity defense.

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Anonymous said...

That was an interesting article and great tie in!

Anonymous said...

Well, you have to be insane to drive across the country wearing adult diapers!

It would be better for her defense if her insanity had been suspected before she did this!

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