18 September 2007

OMG - a discount on a political ad!

Advertising Age - Adages - Did The New York Times Give MoveOn a Discount?

MoveOn paid $65,000 for the ad. The rate card lists the price for a full page ad at over $180,000.
Perhaps Keith Kelly should collar Bureau Chief Charles Hurt and explain to him that no one -- NO ONE -- pays what's on the rate card. Even the Post reporter who called was offered a price of $167,000. That's a savings of 7% with no negotiating involved! (Though $167,000 is the asking price for a full-page advocacy ad.)
Who Cares? Must have been a very slow news day at the Post. This story was on Fox News, too. No one pays retail if they can help it.


Anonymous said...

people will always make way to get cheaper prices for everything.

Anonymous said...

I hate when people blow things way out of proportion while showing a lack of understanding of what really happened... sometimes I can't stand the news for this reason.. :)

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