01 October 2007

Dove Pummels Young Girl With Sexual Imagery in 'Onslaught'

From Adrants
After watching Dove's new Ogilvy-created commercial, Onslaught, a follow up to Evolution, you might become a bit sickened you work in an industry that forces impossible ideals down the throats of innocent children. Now if you think that's overstating things a bit, just watch the new commercial. You know it's true. You know there are far too may "bigger, better, more beautiful, clearer, slimmer, fuller, trimmer" ads out there incessantly bombarding people with messages that basically say you're too fat, ugly, flat, dowdy, slobby for your own good and you simply must rush out and buy product after product after product that promise to turn you into a super model but will do nothing but drain your purse.

My Thoughts

Young girls have enough to deal with than to try and be smart, but not too smart; pretty, but not too pretty that their friends won't hang will them; not too ugly, because then you just do not fit.

We have answers that will make you more like everyone else. Sculpting, tightening, lengthening and straightening. If that does not work, we have lap bands, staples and tortuous diets. Botox, yes we have Botox.

We have pills that will do anything you need. Sleeping, wake up! Wide awake, take a pill. Sad, get happy. Happy, get grieving. When all else fails, we give it a name like bulimia and anorexia.

By then, however, it is too late. Because you cannot be pretty if you are skeletal and purging takes all the enamel off your teeth, and bulimia takes the shine right out of your hair.

Not to speak of all the health conditions: like esophageal ulceration, vitamin deficiencies that can bring on conditions like scurvy, failure to thrive, complete organ failure.

Thanks you for making this advertisement. Talk to your children about what it means. Teach them to rejoice in their differences! Let us not have another Paris Hilton, Leslie Lohan or Nicole Ritchie.

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