20 November 2007

New Boomer Social Network

Nothing is worse than having to be a parent to your parent, but a new boomer social network, Caring.com, will help you cope. There are 34+ million adults in the USA that provide care for someone 50 or older. Many of these adults have children at home as well.
Mr. Cohen was inspired by his struggle a few years ago to care for his lung-cancer-stricken mother, who was living in Chicago. The former manager of Quicken, Mr. Cohen lived in San Francisco and was continuously trolling the web for good resources on how to care for his mother, from what kind of wheelchair to buy to how to handle her financial and legal affairs. There was a void in the market, he said, because sites such as WebMD are focused on health issues and sites such as AARP don't offer the caregiver point of view.
The target market is not the elderly parents, but the baby boomers who care and make financial and health decisions for them. Now, there is one place where you may go to get help and support. As a baby boomer who cared for two aged parents while raising a child as a single parent, I am glad to see that there is a support system evolving.

If you would like to recognize a caregiver, please view this post.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's tough parenting parents. The site sounds perfect!

Rosemary said...

I already had that site bookmarked! I have been very impressed with it, so I'm glad you're promoting it.

Nikita said...


I liked it so much, really great effort towards your parents," become parents for your parents".
Nothing important than parents, Make it a practice to care for your parents, they will bless you. I am too impressed with it.

john.rich16 said...

Yes become a parent to our parent is a challenging task as it is not practically feasible and yes there are too many home care Dublin agencies there to help you in such case.

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