18 February 2008

Did You Know that Smorty Owns Your Blog

If you do any work for Smorty, the get paid to blog (PTB) site, you need to read my post entitled Money Grab by Smorty on my other blog, CoolAdzine for Marketers.

Pease read it today and share with any PTB bloggers. Smorty is taking money out of bloggers' hands. Its a money grab.

~Beware of Smorty~


Anonymous said...

i din like what they wrote in the past TOS

it's like they own everything that you write for the advertisers

furthermore i don't even have a single opp since the PR drop

jul said...

I really enjoy reading this article.Advertising is part of our life.

Anonymous said...

Really? Oh my, I post for Smorty and never thought about that. By the way, thanks for the heads up ;D


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