01 May 2008

Professional Answering Service Helps Business

When a home-based business is just starting out, you probably will be around most of the time to answer telephone inquiries, schedule appointments and provide support. However, as your business grows, you may want to consider a professional answering service.

Answering service is a fully deductible business expense. Not only that, but it is a business expense that will play for itself in customer goodwill if not in increased sales. The answering services of today offer many features you may not even associate with answering a telephone and taking messages.

No matter the industry, trained call center personnel can walk a customer through a software download, take a detailed sales order, schedule appointments, assist customers on your website or give quotes for traditional services. It is like having an assistant, but you do not have to provide workspace, benefits, parking spot or training.

The customized services you require are just a call away. If you are not sure exactly what is offered, call and talk to the call center manager. You may want to have a 1-800 number or to have the service screen your calls, so that you only answer the ones having to do with your business. This is a real blessing in an election year! You may go off the service for an hour or two while you meet in person with a client for a consultation.

Do you want to be alerted to new messages? You may receive a simple text message on your pager or cell phone, an email or fax, or nothing. It is your business and your decision.


Anonymous said...

Good suggestion! : ] This could be very helpful for a business on the rise!

CyberCelt said...

@jenna-Thanks for visiting.

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