02 May 2008

Let Me Ask My Mechanic About Nursing Pads

Expectant Moms Spread the Word Online - eMarketer
In a 2007 study, mom-focused research company BSM Media found 64% of moms asked other mothers for advice before they purchased a new product. Moreover, 63% of mothers surveyed by BSM considered other moms the most credible experts when they had questions.
Well, duh, who else do you ask? Your husband, childless best friend, the neighbor with 18 dogs and cats or the gay guy at the office?

There is an entire network of moms and expectant moms are just one niche. We have moms of many, single moms, moms of multiples, older moms, teenage moms, moms raising grandkids, moms that used to be dads, moms of special children, step-moms, foster moms . . .

I was reading blogs yesterday and I saw two different products for relieving colic in a child. Do you how badly I needed to talk to someone who knew about colic when my son was young? He cried for about six week straight and nearly cost me my mind. Now, I see there is a gentle warming band and some type of supplement that you may give the infant.

Where were the mom blogs when I needed them? No, I had to drive all over town to attend La Leche meetings. Do know how hard it is to talk in a room full of nursing mothers? They always seemed to have 2-3 other children running around. When I saw a six-year old boy walk up to his mom and lift her shirt so that he could nurse, I decided I would read magazines about raising children. LOL

So bookmark that blogging mom who has what you need and connect into the mommy network. It is a magical place where help is given freely and the advice is gold. Moms "get it." They rock!

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