04 November 2008

Want More Links? More Readers?

MasterNewMedia.org has updated their listing of directories, RSSTop55 : Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites.

If you are a new blogger or if it has been awhile since you spent some time submitting your blogs to directories, you should visit MasterNewMedia.org and get busy!

Before you start, make sure you have your blog keywords and a good blog description for each blog you plan to submit.

Make sure you pick the best category for blog. Most directories DO NOT want you to use the category as keyword.

If the directory requires a reciprocal link, make sure you put it on your blog immediately. Most directory sites have bots check your blog within hours for the link. You submission may be human approved in a few days, but the link needs to be up within hours.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the advice, i have plans to set up a blog, just don't know where start yet...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for suggestion. I work on blogg comment, directory submission and forum but in blog I want to post my own blog let me know how to start. what to do of reciprocal link?

Anonymous said...

Very cool your post, I hope they continue with such quality. Congratulations


Passatempos said...

Very nice article, you are right, usually directories are not that friendly regarding keywords.

I have been reading your blog, very nice content.


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