27 January 2009

LeapFish - Just Type It!

There is an exciting new way to search called LeapFish. LeapFish boasts of being the first click free search engine. LeapFish is easy to use. Simply start to type your query in the search box. Before you are finished typing the first word, you will have results from blog, image, shopping and news sites, just to name a few.

LeapFish will surprise you with relevant information that you will not find using other search engines. LeapFish uses hyper-threading technology to communicate with all major online portals to deliver the search results from across the web to users in a single search query.

The current search engine strategy limits relevant information to the first page of search engine results, leaving a great deal of information that could be relevant to the search query, lost in space.

If you advertise using key words, you may want to try LeapFish. LeapFish is giving a free car to advertisers that have purchased keywords through their advertising model. The last day to receive an entry for each $1000 spent on keywords is February 2, 2009. Check out the LeapFish blog for more information.

Also from the blog:
Behnam Behrouzi, CEO of DotNext, Inc., a leading developer and incubator of innovative Internet-based companies, says that the rapidly accelerating birth of unique and highly desired content is outpacing the capacity of traditional Internet gateways to capture and deliver this data to users.
This is great news for all people who search for consumer-generated content and the people who are tired of the current algorithm being used by search engines to rank pages.



TechGeeze said...

Yeah, LeapFish may works like any other search engines but different in algorithm, so tell me hows that algorithm works or differs from Google or Yahoo?

I have included your site in my EC Blog Coomunity the haven for Entrecard droppers, and it will be a sure traffic for you. You may have much more reader to follow you.

Please let me take this chance to introduce you to my other blog Latest Technology News and I know you'll like it. Please include it to your blogroll or recommend it.

Thanks a lot, and Gbu.

CyberCelt said...

@tons-Thanks for stopping by. If you wish to know more about LeapFish, I would suggest you check out the website. It is much more responsive than the big 3.

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