28 March 2009

Blog Your Blessing : To All That Live

~ Sioux Prayer ~

Grandfather Great Spirit All Over The World
The Faces Of Living Things Are Alike.
With Tenderness,They Have Come Up Out Of The Ground.
Look Upon Your Children That They May Face The Winds
And Walk The Good Road To The Day Of Quiet.
Grandfather Great Spirit
Fill Us With The Light.
Give Us The Strength To Understand And The Eyes To See.
Teach Us To Walk The Soft Earth As Relatives
To All That Live.

The Blue Panther Experience is host for Blog Your Blessings Sunday. We are of all faiths, creeds and races, so everyone is welcome. Join us on any Sunday as we blog our blessings.


PERBS said...

Definitely a positive reminder to care for the earth at this time and always but especially for earth day.

Daisy said...

Oh hello there! Thanks for passing by my blog. The prayers are very poetic and the photo is inviting. I'd be posting my BYB in a while. Hope you visit again.


PERBS said...

You wrote this on my blog:
"What is the longest walk you have ever made in an urban setting? Have you ever thought of writing a book with your photographs? You have a way of taking people along with you on your rambles."

Since you moderate comments, you don't have to post this after you read it. . . if you choose not to . . .

I walked thePortland Marathon in 2004 and finished. It was boring because I didn't use my camera once after the walk began. I like ahvign the medal and shirt and other memorabilia tho.

I walked to Vancovuer Lake and back and it registered just over 15 miles on my pedometer. I plan to do tht again this summer but also go another two miles on a strip of beach called Frenchman's Bar.

Usually, I get 5-8 miles in an almost daily walk, sometimes more if I am still feeling good. We have lots of trails here and also historical places to visit walking aroudn the city. I love to walk but always take my camera with me and it brings my memories to life. All our trails are in the city -- our long time mayor promotes walking and he makes sure they build us trails. The photos of the trail I was on is in the city along the electricity lines where the city own property and that particular one runs across the whole city. . . weonly walked one portion of it sicne friend was tired.

I have never thought of writing a book using my photographs but I do have a blog I started on wordpress where I write mostly poems about a certain photo. I am having trouble getting my photos on there so I haven't done much. I can't figure out why sometimes I can get the photo on and others I can't. My name there is pauliewrites. Thank you for your nice compliment. I am glad you went along on our little journey through my blog post.

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

A great blessing that speaks to our interrelationship with everything that shares this rock in space with us... As always, thanks for sharing it!

Mireille Green said...

A nice reminder not only to care for the earth but also to be grateful for what we have. We are more inclined to take care for the things we appreciate.

Sacred Ruminations said...

Amen! I appreciate your lovely reminders each week, though sometimes I fall behind as I have of late.
Hugs and blessings,

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