28 March 2009

SezWho is Shutting Down

SezWho is shutting down. JS-Kit is keeping the service open until March 31, 2009. After that time, anyone using SezWho will need to sign up for JS-Kit. JS-Kit is the world's largest distributed social network, connecting over 600,000 publishers with light weight, cross domain services, including comments, ratings, and polls.

I tried SezWho when it was first suggested by Entrecard. It slowed down my blogs, so I removed it. Perhaps, the service will be improved by this change. I would wait before I rush into it. However, if you are an existing user, you should probably sign up for the JS-Kit, even if you do not use it at first.

1 comment:

Liane said...

It was a shock for me so I wrote a post too about SezWho sutting down.

Indeed, it was a good thing JS-Kit saved the users. It would be tragic if no one did some damage recovery.

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