28 January 2011

ClickBooth : The Next Generation of PPC Advertising

This post brought to you by ClickBooth. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you a blogger or website owner who wishes to make money with your content? Have you tried PPC (pay per click) advertising? Perhaps you are an advertiser or marketer who wants to makes sales without spending a fortune per lead or sale?  ClickBooth is one of the major networks out there that provides additional service to publishers  and advertisers.  This level of service is going to raise the bar for other networks, Google AdWords, Meet Your Competition: Clickbooth

ClickBooth is riding the leading wave of technological innovation, with built in future scalability, up time guaranteed by Internet connectivity via eight tier-1 Internet providers, clustered systems that provide mega-computing power and engineers that are available 24/7. Clickbooth network partners have access to high bandwidth network servers currently serving billions of impressions daily.

Both advertisers and publishers may choose from a CPA or a CPC model. CPA stands for Cost Per Action. CPA occurs when a certain action, such as joining a mailing list, taking a survey or downloading a ringtone happens on a site as a direct result of advertising, CPC stands for Cost Per Click. The publisher is paid for each valid click from their site to the advertiser's website.  There are benefits and drawbacks to each method.


Cost Per Action

If an advertiser opts for CPA, they have access to a bevy of email and online publishers and the number one ranked affiliate network. Their advertising is handled by an  industry leader's compliance and brand control team, so they only pay per sale or pay per lead.

Cost Per Click

Advertisers choosing CPC will reach a new market with lower click costs. Their campaign will be designed by experts to return maximum clicks. The ad will have access to billions of impressions, targeted by keyword, category or state/city. Also available are Phototext ads, an image displayed with a headline of text and a description.


Cost Per Action

Publishers who choose CPA will find exclusive direct offers, high payouts, 24/7 support from affiliate leaders and affiliate tools.

Cost Per Click

Publishers going with the CPC model will simply add code to their website or blog. They may want to try Phototext ads, a higher converting ad, where an image is displayed with a headline of text and a description. Publishers are  guaranteed that 100 percent of their ad inventory will be used. Post exclusives offers from Clickbooth and watch the  Clickbooth CPC sharply increase.

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surkhab khan said...

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Great information about PPC. Thanks for sharing about it.

FinallyFast.com said...

What kind of service is ClickBooth actually offering? I have to admit that I'm somewhat confused based on both their site and your post. Offering CPA options for PPC style advertising is great, but I'm definitely confused as to where these ads would be shown? Is ClickBooth offering CPC campaign management for Google, Bing, and Yahoo! or do they work with different search and content companies outside of the big 3?

Konstantin said...

Many affiliates say that CB is one of the best CPA networks. Best helpful support, wide range of offers, good commission, fast payments etc. Unfortunately they didn`t accept my application. I`m a newbie marketer, but they could give me a chance :)

Could you give some tips how to get accepted by CB?

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CPA and CPC are great ways. These services are definitely of great help for customers.

SIA Licence said...

It’s every webmasters dream to have huge amounts of traffic to their site..very good and informative blog list..thanks for sharing..

Russell Davison said...

Thanks for the post. I'll investigate ClickBooth because the business model for Adsense has changed sunstantially over the last 3 years.

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