26 May 2011

Visualize Your Network with Tweet Topic Explorer

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Check out this cool new tool, Tweet Topic Explorer (TTE), developed by Jeff Clark at Neoformix. Using statistical analysis, relational trends and data interpretation, the TTE generates a word web or word cloud, with key topics ranked by size (larger topics appear more frequently in the Twitter feed). Colored clusters delineate words and people found together in Tweets,

Mr. Clark uses the TTE to get a quick idea if he wants to follow someone on Twitter. After quickly scanning the graphic word web (on the left above), he can click a word and see the word highlighted in both graphic and Twitter feed. Clicking on any user names in the text will generate a new TTE for that Twitter user.

TTE is a great tool if you want to connect to people that are geographically close, in a particular field, following or followed by people you know or other criteria.  Well done, Jeff Clark.

Warning: This tool is addicting. I found myself clicking words and user names until I made myself STOP.


Anonymous said...

I found this really interesting.

I wonder if marketing agencies might use it to measure focus on markting efforts on twitter. I think this is probably a bad idea as it dilutes being authentic and you're trying to get keywords in you probably wouldn't use otherwise.

What are your thoughts?

Rick Foster said...

I was visiting through the net and is probably is the one of the nicest post i have seen about this topic , all the way nice work.

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