05 June 2011

Google Does Not "Get" Social Media

Google's ex-CEO Eric Schmidt has been talking out of school, sharing tidbits of information that Google would probably rather not have made public. Last week at the All Things Digital conference, Schmidt shared how Google had totally missed the rise of social media. I guess we can blame Facebook for their refusal to partner with Google for search. However, it is probably more the internal structure of Google at blame.

MediaPost Publications Why Google Doesn't Get the "Friend Thing" 06/01/2011

According to Eric Sass at The Social Graf (MediaPost):
. . . Schmidt reduces social media, in all its complexity, to a "friend thing," and imagines it as something to "do" -- rather than something to, say, build, cultivate, nourish, or grow. This tendency to simplify and objectify social media is still apparent in Google's strategy today, and it is the reason that Google will continue to fail to gain traction with its social media efforts.
Until Google realizes that you have to build a social network, not buy one, copy one or start one by adding a button to their blogs, they are doomed to fail at social media.  Note the lack of any social media site icons on the Official Google Blog.  Even on a post about sharing information on the web.


return address said...

Great article @CyberCelt! I would have to agree. Though this was inevitable and a hand that had to be played by the Google Kidz. I think we’ll soon see this added to the distinguished Orkut, Buzz & Wave list of failed attempts. Just saying…

Market Analysts said...

Thats a pretty brave things to say...but I have to agree with you. If anyone is ever going to take the spotlight away from Facebook, they're going to have to offer something new and unique.

Diving Computer said...

Couldn't agree more, google completely missed the boat on social media and so far all their attempts have sank or not even fully surfaced.

They need someone new, unique and more addictive than facebook... if that's possible?

cguroo said...

Good knowledge enhancement, but i am wondering how do you get to know all these matters, are you an insider, or just analysing the news and writing your own opinion.

steevehopes said...

Know Google having the social media G+, are you checked that one know?

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