10 June 2011

The Twitter Developers Summit

The Twitter Developers Summit will take place in San Francisco on July 26, 2011. Everything is in the planning stages, so check out this website http://twitterdevsummit.com or follow @tdevsummit on Twitter.

The Twitter Developers Summit is the place for twitter-focused developers to network and become part of what Twitter will become in the future.HootSuite, keepstream, KLOUT, CoTweet and Bottlenose are putting together various lectures, panels, interviews and case studies on best practices, current trends and effective strategies in developing for the Twitter platform.

If you would like to get involved, submit a topic or present at the summit, send an email to send email to Tim at Engaged Digital.


Bulmia Symptoms said...

THis is an interesting topic. How I wish there will be a webinar for this.

Jocuri said...

I only hope to be able to make it to the summit. It sounds very interesting!
I'm a Twitter addict and I developed a few apps (working with their API).

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