14 March 2006

Americans say NO to governent monitoring of Internet activities

A survey of American adults, conducted by the Center for Survey Research and Analysis (CSRA) at the University of Connecticut, found that:

Although the public is split over whether companies should turn search information over to the government, they do not support either Internet companies storing such information or the government monitoring it.
A full 65 percent of respondents oppose monitoring the Internet use of Ordinary Americans by the governent, with 30 percent of respondents supporting governent intervention in the online lives of Ordinary Americans.

When asked if Google (and other search engines) should comply with the governmental request to turn over information on search requests, 50 percent said the search engines should NOT comply with the government request, and 44 percent stated the companies should comply.

Evidently, the use of the Internet does not make a difference in the opinion of the respondent. Political beliefs may make a big difference, with 67 percent of Democrats but only 30 percent of Republicans opposing the information being released to the government. Independents split 52/48 on the side of NOT releasing the information.

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