25 April 2006

We Are Attached to Our Cell Phones

Pew Research Center, the Associated Press and AOL conducted a survey of American cell phone owners and found that the cell phone has become an important communications tool in modern life.

In fact, many cell phone owners would like to add more functions to their cell phones:
  • Maps - 47 percent
  • Instant messaging - 38 percent
  • Search (movie listings, weather reports and stock quotes) - 24 percent
  • eMail - 24 percent
  • Text messaging - 13 percent (35 percent already using service)
  • Still photography - 19 percent
Cell phones have changed our lives, from helping us in emergencies to endangering ourselves and others while driving.
  • 74 percent - have used cell phone to summon and to receive help
  • 44 percent - defer cell calls until they will not use anytime minutes
  • 41 percent - make cell phone calls during free time when traveling, waiting or bored
  • 32 percent of men and 25 percent of women - admitted cell phone usage adversely affects their driving
Surprisingly, cell phones appear to enable us to more easily lie about our location.
  • 39 percent of cell users ages 18-29 are not always honest about where they say they are
  • 22 percent of cell owners admit they are not always truthful about exactly where they are when they are on the phone
Cell phones have replaced our home telephones, played havoc with our personal finances, invaded our personal space and left us open to unwanted advertisements.
  • 86 percent of cell users admit to being disturbed by loud cell users who conduct calls in public places
  • 52 percent of cell phone owners (and 81 percent of cell-only users) say the cell phone is always turned on
  • 36 percent of cell owners have been shocked at the size of their cell phone monthly bills
  • 24 percent of cell-using adults feel they must answer their cell phones even if it interrupts a meeting or a meal
  • 23 percent of cell phone owners who currently have landline phones say they are likely to convert to cell phone use only
  • 22 percent believe too many people call them because they have a cell phone
  • 18 percent of cell phone owners have received unsolicited text advertising on their phones
  • 8 percent admit to bothering others while using their cell phones in public
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As a mobile developer,I find your stats interesting. Thanks for the info. :)

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