25 May 2006

Success Blog of Week: Backyardigans Fan

Success Blog of the Week goes to Backyardigans Fan, a very cool site. What started as a cartoon she watched with her child, has become a blog with international reach. As Jennifer says:
Come on in and talk about the music, the humor (and the mysteries) of The Backyardigans! Admit it. It's not just your kids who love the show.
If you are interested, read about the power of kids, aged 3-11 in the marketplace. Here is just a glimpse:
Children 3-11 years old make up a consumer market of 36 million members, with purchasing power of over $18 million, which is slated to reach $21.4 billion in disposable income by 2010.
Jennifer is on the vanguard of sites that cater to kids and moms. Stop by and see her Backyardigans Fan blog. Tell her CyberCelt sent you.

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