16 June 2006

Success Blog: ?! Confused !? - Information and More

?!Confused!? - Information and more is a blog based in China with news, information, tips and lots of fun. The blog has different public sections like News, Fun, Media, and Gallery. There are some private sections available if you register.

The blog posts are truly marvelous and give the visitor insight into the Chinese culture. View this one about arranged marriages. Here is a sampling of the post:
... China's first "love market", a meeting point between China's tradition of arranged marriage and the irresistible rise of consumer choice, even in the area of personal relationships. Here, parents come to exchange pictures and brief biographies of their children of marriageable age in the hope of finding the perfect partner for each, with the right qualifications, income and, almost as important, a compatible animal sign. "My son is a dragon. Is your daughter a rabbit? No?" The grey-haired woman shifts her eyes away from the couple to search the crowd around her. "Has anyone got a rabbit? I'm looking for a rabbit. Rabbit and dragon are a good match!"

The pictures range from cityscapes to seascapes to foolishness. All of the pictures are very understated, like the picture to the left. What is it?

Learn a little about the offbeat side to China: what the bloggers know and do. You will be surprised. Stop by and say Ni hao (nee-Ha-OW) to MoD (master of domain? mother of dogma? minister of data?) . Tell him/her that CyberCelt sent you.

BTW - the picture is a PC made into a BBQ pit. Ingenious use of resources. I may do the same thing to my computer next time it freezes up on me.

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Thank you very much for the nice introduction. At least somebody had a look through my blog ;-)
I will post your article on my site as review and set a link. Hope that's ok with you.

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