13 September 2006

Success Blog : Drivin' Barefoot

The Success Blog of the week is Drivin' Barefoot. You know that commercial that says, "Characters Welcome"? Well, Ted is definitely a character.

I met Ted in the chat room at Blog Explosion. He was flirting with about five women and I told him to behave himself and signed my post--MOM. He left so he would not embarrass his mother any further. LOL.

After he was gone, the women were talking about Ted. One said she was his wife, then another and another. They really had me going. I thought they were kidding me, so I asked: "Are y'all Mormons?" "Yes," came the reply. Well, I tried to cover my chagrin by asking all types of questions about who sleeps where and when and how they divide chores and such.

That was the last time I visited the chat room on BE. However, I still read Ted's blog. You see, I like characters! Visit Drivin' Barefoot and tell him MOM sent you.

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