08 January 2007

Social Search Engines

Social Search Engines are an interesting phenomena. One of the originals, StumbleUpon, uses simple thumbs up/thumbs down user ratings to winnow your way to the web site on which friends and other "Stumblers" have commented.

Here are some newer social search engines:
  • Gravee combines the results of many search engines for the best of all search algorithms in a single set of results and applies TagScore to further refines the results
  • Jookster provides one central location where photos, video and bookmarks from social networking sites like YouTube and del.icio.us may be searched, saved and shared
  • Otavo describes itself as a community of users and staff members who participate in your quest to find answers quicker
  • Wikiasari - open source search engine that could be a major contender in social search
  • Yoono - serves up sites, news and people categorized by people who share your interests
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