19 April 2007

One Easy Checklist for Designers and Marketers

Have you ever wanted a simple checklist for the design, usability and technical aspects of developing and maintaining a website? Website To Dos, sponsor of this post, has a handy checklist for just this purpose!

The checklist is divided into sections of content, design, forms and server issues that never seem to be done right the first time. I like the web design to do section because it reminds us to ensure design standards are met, to test website accessibility and to validate our HTML, CSS, PHP and other code.

The form to do has a good section about validating all data from forms. Once I had designed a website form for registration and had forgotten to put in a check box for "send information about housing." While not a big omission, I would have spent many hours on the phone giving out information I could have mailed.

I use FrontPage for my webpages and I really need to change to something else. It was the first package I used after hand coding HTML, so I have stuck with it because it is easy. However, FP cuts down on access to some of the nice features mentioned in the web server to dos: set up a canonical name redirect, simplify nested redirects or send a 301 status code for canonical redirects.

If you would like to see the checklist, just visit websitetodos.com/list/websitetodos. Get it right the first time! LOL

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